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Suppliers of cash registers and point of sales systems, accessories and consumables, Hamilton Business Equipment provides point of sales solutions that are durable and easy to use.

Cash registers (more. . . )
A cash register is an electronic, stand-alone device used to calculate, record and receipt sales transactions.  Suitable for small to medium businesses, cash registers can be tailored to the specific needs of the user – this includes connectivity to peripheral equipment such as bar-code scanners, scales and printers.

Point of sale (more. . . )

POS systems, like cash registers, are used to calculate, record and receipt sales transactions and can be tailored to the specific needs of the user.  POS systems, however, have a greater capacity to continuously record, retain and update sales information.  This information can be used to track inventory, report and analyse sales trends.  [POS systems can be ROM or PC based and can all be connected to peripheral equipment such as scanners, scales and printers.]

To take advantage of the additional information associated with POS systems Hamilton Business Equipment sells and supports a range of back office software, including ASTUTE software.

Accessories (more. . . )

Hamilton Business Equipment provides a comprehensive range of peripheral equipment to complement our large range of cash registers and POS systems, including cash drawers, receipt printers, hand-held bar code scanners and scales.

Consumables (more. . . )

Hamilton Business Equipment supplies rolls, ribbons and all consumables suitable for the cash registers and POS systems sold
Other Equipment (more. . .)
Looking for other money handling options? Hamilton Business Equipment can assist with coin counting machines and calculators.

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